We beautifully photograph every corporate event

Pictures and videos have become important communication tools for the company. They are the first impression of the business. At Click My Smile, we understand every corporate event is different and it needs to be planned in advance. The sheer effort is required to manage the corporate photographer for the event. We take pride that we are the specialist in corporate photography and can add the creative touch in framing the corporate event. We help you to grow your business through corporate photography power. We are popular in India because of our high-quality work.

Corporate photography is done differently; the photographer needs to capture the main highlights of the event like décor, speaker, special guest, price distribution, group photo etc. The corporate photographer works on wide range of subject matter like client’s product and other aspects. The strict creative brief is required to capture the product image. This kind of photography is highly lucrative for the company as it presents the positive values of the brand. For corporate photography, it is important to choose the right photography company as it reflects the company’s brand.

Experience quality photography

Click My Smile specialize in capturing professional corporate products and facilities. We are the leaders in the photography industry and have worked with many large MNCs to small businesses and individuals. Whether it is a product launch, headshots or any business conference, we cover everything. We also create photo booths for the theme based business parties. We have a professional team of photographers who are trained and experienced. They are briefed to choose the best style of photography that fits the company’s brand. They capture the quality images of the business events which reflect the story of the brand.

We are comfortable with working at client’s location for formal corporate headshots or natural photography for the event. We work diligently to meet the corporate event challenges. Through our photography skills, we showcase your company image positively with the photo shoot. We establish the long-term relationship with our client and work professionally. We regularly provide photography services for the meetings, award distributions, delegations, conventions and much more. We help the client to overcome the challenges for branding through our effective corporate photography.

How we are different

We do event photography to communicate visually about the success of the people products and services. Corporate portraits and visual storytelling to build the company brand.