Food Photography

Food photography has reached new dimensions, one need a professional food photographer and stylist. Food photography is a still life photography which is done to create attractive still life photographs of food. There is a huge shift in trend in the food photography. Earlier food was shot in the way food appear to the people in real time. Now the photographers make the photo visually interesting and use the narrow angle shot with different layer effects. The shot is taken naturally with some props. If you are seeking for professional food Photography Company, you are at right place. Click My Smile specialized in food photography services and we are the leading food photographer and stylist in Delhi. We do photography for advertising, packaging, menu design, magazine, editorials, books, websites, restaurant display and other promotional materials. We have worked with many segments like restaurants and hotels. We are equipped with number of props, advance camera, lenses, lights, kitchen set up and much more.

How do we work?

We use collaborative effort to create a commercial food photograph. Our team of experts includes art director, a photographer, a food stylist and a prop stylist. Our food stylist put lots of effort to make the food attractive in the photography. He is a trained professional with home economics background and has knowledge to translate taste aroma and appeal into the photograph. We also provide in studio photography if client does not have a proper set up.

The photographs are taken in the controlled lighting conditions with attractive color and texture of the background which complements the food. Our team work with you to ensure that photograph follow the brand look and feel. We use different techniques of photography for different food. Only an experienced professional company like us know all the techniques to make the photograph appealing to the end customer. Our expert team put all efforts to create impressive photographs for you that help to grow business sales.

Why choose us?

We have well equipped studio with all the required photography setup. As per the specific client requirements for the product we can arrange the set up accordingly. We use variety of props which complements the food product and suitable for the distinct brand image. We have different packages for different segments like hotel, restaurant, resorts etc. We have economical pricing packages which serves all. You can check our portfolio of services and for more details get in touch.